Elnur Shikhaliyev

Elnur Shikhaliyev

Height 170 cm
Off-Season Weight 80 - 85 kg
Competition Weight 70 kg


“Winners never quit, quitters never win!”


IFBB:- classic bodybuilding & bodybuilding
Started Training in: 2012
Best Bench-press: 170 kg
Best Deadlift: 250 kg
Best Squat: 240 kg

Favourite Exercise: shoulders
Favourite or Important Muscle Groups: back, shoulders
Favourite Nourshing Supplements: Whey charger 100,Iso zero, Pre-workout Spark,Amino pure 6300, BCAA Micron, 100% Glutamine
Favourite Dish: Chicken langet, Fish salad ,Rice
Favourite Drink: Apple & Pine-apple juice
Profession: Personal trainer, competitor,doctor
Idols: Phil Heath and Dexter Jackson

2016: IFBB European Championship (Spain) 2. place
2015: IFBB European Games (Azerbaijan) 1. Place
2014 Azerbaijan Championship 2. Place up to 80 kg
2013 Azerbaijan Championship 2. place up to 80 kg