Quincy Winklaar

Quincy Winklaar

Weight 185 - 195lbs (83.9 - 88.5kg)
Height 5'7" (170cm)
Year of birth 1983
Nationality Dutch
Alias The Q


Quincy Winklaar is a professional bodybuilder, army veteran, and former police officer from the Netherlands. His larger than life personality, combined with his motivational videos have inspired many fans to take up bodybuilding.

Quincy’s first taste of bodybuilding came when he joined the Dutch army in 1999. Due to the demands of the army, Quincy had to stay extremely fit, but, he also wanted to build muscle, so he incorporated weight-lifting into his gym routine.

Gradually, he created a professional workout plan which focused on his legs in particular, as he saw them as “small”. He also developed a diet plan to match, and in turn, his body became more proportional – allowing him to think seriously about becoming a professional.

He eventually realized his dream and became a Pro competitor in 2012. Quincy now competes at the IFBB level; continuing to train toward his next competition. This is his story:



2012 IFBB Dallas Europa Supershow: 9th place
IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow: 16th place
IFBB Arnold Classic: 12th place


212 IFBB Professional Bodybuilder
Sponsored Athlete
Military and law enforcement


Quincy’s first bodybuilding years

Quincy’s first few years in bodybuilding were admittedly difficult, due to the fact he spent a lot of time learning new exercises. His main issues were his lack of knowledge in lower body training – which affected his aesthetic proportions.

Leg extensions and Seated Calf Raises were Quincy’s only leg exercises in his early years of training. He says that his legs were underdeveloped compared to his upper-body. Quincy knew he was too focused on building his upper-body to “look good in a tank top”. Quincy knew he needed to make a change if he was going to be a professional bodybuilder.

This change came when squats, lunges and dead-lifts were introduced to him by his professional bodybuilder brother, Roelly. When he used these new movements, he instantly saw progress – gaining muscle in his legs.

“If I knew then what I know now, I would pay more attention to incorporating a variety of leg building exercises”.

Favorite Exercises

Shortly after this learning period, leg days became Quincy’s favorite day of the week. He learned to love Squats,  saying “the harder you go the sweeter it gets, and I love how my legs feel the day after”.

He’s also developed a love for tricep workouts. He enjoys the Tricep Kick-Back, saying that,“It’s hard to cheat when you do it right, and you get an enormous pump from it”.


These workouts are central in Quincy’s routine, but Cardio has also been key. He usually uses the treadmill on an incline setting for fast walking, but also runs the “Torture Hills”.

The Torture Hills are three steep hills near Quincey’s home, that he runs for competition preparation. He says it takes him half an hour to run up the hills and, in his words, he’s “breathless at the end” with “sore legs and glutes the next day”.


Prior to competing, Quincy focuses on eating eight meals a day. He tries to make sure his daily protein intake is 250g grams; he keeps his carbs low so he can “get big and stay lean for the show”.

Supplements are also vital in Quincy’s meal plan. His supplement stack is below.

Whey Protein Isolate

Idols and Influences

Quincy’s main influence is his older brother Roelly Winklaar. Roelly has been an IFBB bodybuilder for decades, and came to prominence in 2009 when he won the IFBB Arnold Amateur Championships. He was Quincy’s main trainer growing up, and continues to inspire him to reach his goals today. For Quincy, working out and building muscle is a family tradition.

Beyond his family influences, Quincy also takes inspiration from bodybuilding greats such as Dexter Jackson and Frank Zane. He sees their dedication and focus towards the sport as unrivaled – respecting their focus on aesthetic perfection.