Wasim Khan

Wasim Khan

Year of birth 1983
Location Delhi, India
Height 180 cm
Weight 122 kg (269 LBS)
Alias The Indian Tiger


Wasim Khan was born and raised in Delhi , India.

Wasim says about himself:

"It started at the age of 16, when I used to weigh just 49 kg– very slim slender, so thin that people used to tease me. At that time first thing I wanted to do was to put on some weight and get healthy. Back then I never imagined where my destiny will take me to. Then one day I went to see a bodybuilding competition at Kalka ji, South Delhi in 1999, from where first time I got my inspiration to get fit and gain some muscle.

After one year of great hard work I became worthy to get up on a competitive stage and competed in my first fitness competition in 2000 for the title of Mr. Delhi state level Championship (when I used to weigh around 70 kg) and won my first gold medal at my very first competition.

This is where I want to give a message you all of you getting through hard times.

”Be consistent, never lose hope and work hard to achieve your goal”

- Wasim Khan

Then it was a new phase of my life, and then I won several gold medals in India.

Now It was 2014, that finally I got a chance to compete in an International event i.e. Mr. Universe 2014 in Taranto, Italy, where I was representing India and I place 1st Position.

From Here my journey began as an International Athlete from India. I gained a lot of fame in the country and also in other foreign nations. Since I was on news and people got to know my name and achievements.

This gave me new hope in my life. This boosted my confidence that if I can win 2014 championship, I can also go for Olympia. Leading me to new stannous workout for further, harder Championships.

Then in 2015, Mr. World Bodybuilding championship in Koper, Slovenia (Europe) was held. My achievements were:

- I won Gold medal in my own category.

- I won Overall Title

- And Silver Medal in Pro World championship

- I won the gold Medal in Pro Mr. Galaxy championship also.

In 2016

- I won Gold Medal Again in Mr. World Championship

In 2017

- I won Title in Mr. World Championship

It is the first time in the history of Bodybuilding in India, that someone has won 3 International titles back to back in a row. It’s my honor to be that First person from India.

Now the Target is Olympia – Stay Tuned…. The journey is about to begin."