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2012 was a special year for us. Our company was established in the center of Europe. The company's heart is driven by a vision, which has defined our strategy as well: PROGRESSION. We decided to bring the future closer, and we realize that the only way we can do is constantly focusing on development. This strategy helped us becoming of one the biggest and most successful brand in fitness industry by the year of 2020.

By focusing on Performance & Recovery, we are on the constant urge of developing new products which will help our athletes to reach their maximum capacity.

Before the raw material gets to our factory it is carefully and thoroughly goes to through a fine selection process. We do believe that the perfect supplement starts with the perfect matrix!

After we have selected the primal matter, we then shift it to our processing plant, where we handle everything with care and with the highest hygiene standards. We perform daily inspections to reach the higher standards, and our facility is GMP Registered and GMP for Sport by NSF. In addition, we have been so successful recently that we had to start working in 2 shifts to meet all the deadlines for orders in time.

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