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This combined supplement helps to support bone health and reduce inflammation by packaging together 3 vital minerals.


Additionally, Zinc has been proven to improve sleep quality and Magnesium can aid blood sugar control by enhancing the body’s ability to use insulin. A proven anti-inflammatory tool, Magnesium has been shown to reduce markers of chronic inflammation.


Available in tablet form.


EAN CODE: 5999570280132

  • Size

    120 tabs

  • Serving

    3 tabs

  • Directions

    Take 1 serving (3 tablets) daily with a glass of water.

  • Allergen info

    Manufactured in a facility that processes milk, egg, peanuts, gluten, nuts, and soy.

  • Warnings

    Use this product in conjunction with food as part of a healthy, balanced diet, not as a substitute for such. DON’T EXCEED THE DAILY RECOMMENDED DOSAGE! KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN!

  • Storage conditions

    Store bottle tightly closed between 5-30°C. Keep away from direct hear, moisture, and sunlight. After openin, do not store the product for more than 2 months.

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